Extreme Clear Out

This is a very sensitive process that is handled with the upmost respect and dignity for our clients, home and property. Everything remains private with zero judgment.

We work with clients with hoarding disorders. We de clutter and organize kindly, and listen to their needs and fears. We create small achievable goals that ultimately leads to success.

When doing a complete Extreme Clear Out, no job is too big or small. We work hand-in-hand with our haulers for a complete, quick, and safe clear out of the home and property.

We process all paperwork, sorting by personal and important papers that are saved and stored safely. We shred outdated sensitive material and recycle the rest. We recycle all cardboard, outdated electronics, Metal, glass, paint, oil, and bulbs as well..

Anything that can be sold will be which will create immediate income for the client.

At times this can feel like a very daunting and overwhelming situation for you and your family. We will take the fear out of this situation and get the job done.